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Bargain bin

Lightweight migration is a process and a philosophy. You must take it seriously, but not to extreme.
Take your mind and adapt it to your own philosophy to suit your thoughts, ideas and, not least, pocket money.

Beware, however, because it may be addictive. There are four overriding criteria that you will always evaluate your equipment from, these are: weight, simplicity, multi functional and useful. Good equipment meets all 4 criteria.

Here are my principles of lightweight migration:    
    1. Check and weigh all your equipment, note the weight in a journal.
    2. Choose the item that is lightest and fills the purpose you have in mind.
    3. When buying new equipment, it must meet the 4 criteria, otherwise pass:
    4. Insist on knowing the weight before buying anything, even from online stores. always displays the weight of every item it sells.
    5. Avoid too many pockets, zippers, buttons and other stuff on clothes and equipment. More pockets = more problems.
    6. Use equipment that meets more needs. For example, hiking sticks are excellent tent poles and your pot is an
excellent coffee cup.
    7. Dress up according to the 3-layer principle. You must be able to have all your clothes on at one time!
    8. Take less and do more! Eliminate all the 'nice to have' equipment, either you need it or leave it at home.
    9. Only take the amount you need. This applies to clothing, fuel, food, toothpaste and so on. Choose the lightest sleeping bag for the weather you expect.     
    10. Always evaluate, be curious, reward yourself, always think about optimizing equipment and techniques.     

Get out the door, nature begins right outside.